Friday, 24 May 2013

The Borough Barista - A very short note May 2013

An independent coffee shop just off Haymarket has got to be a good thing. The area has the stink of the chain and the tourist trap and with it's rough grey Farrow and Balls and rough hewn benchery it just screams lo-fi and proud.

But hold on a second… £3.90 for a small sausage sarnie and an extra 60 pee to eat in! Not when you're going to serve it to me on a paper plate alongside coffee in a take away cup.

Hell. Fire.

Coffee might be proudly served from a a La Marzocco Machine (a sign of quality for those who know their beans?) but even the undoubted cache of the cup o'Joe (excellent though exact bean unidentified) didn't distract me from the that punchy pricing. If I'm near Piccadilly and want to spend nearly £9 on my breakfast, I'm going to the Wolesley…

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