Sunday, 2 September 2012

Constancia - authentic Argentinian in Bermondsey - Aug 2012

Happy little local Argentine grill Constancia has been dishing out steaks to a satisfied stream of regulars for over three years. They're obviously doing something right.

Sat on an unlovely stretch of Tower Bridge Road, if it's on the foodie's radar at all it's only due to the fact you walk past on the way to Maltby Street Market. On the evidence of this experience, I'd be happy recommending a closer examination.

Based around a central grill, you can't get away from the pervading heavenly scent of steak. After a pair of freshly cooked and suitably spicy beef empanadas, we dived straight into a mixed parrillida containing steaks and sausages.

Two big lumps of beefsteak, rump and ribeye, sizzle away on the compact coal fired tabletop grill. Two plump Argentine sausages are dense, spicy and uncommonly good. Morcilla, crumbly homemade black pudding, is also a treat. The whole plate load, combined with a bowl of parsley and garlic packed chips is verging on the excessive. We struggle manfully through, what with us being men, but it's a massive hit of fat and protein. I love it.

The meat sizzling away on the brazier is flavoursome, but unless plucked from the coals at the exact right moment inclined to toughness. There's no chance for it to rest when it's cooked at the table.

It's not the cheapest of meals, with a decent bottle of peppery Malbec we spent just under £50 a head, though compares well to the likes of Hawksmoor or Goodman and is a whole lot better than the nearby Gaucho. It's great to have another option locally though and I'll definitely be back when next hankering for a hunk of cow.


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  1. Nice write up and I completely agree. One of the best Argentinian steakhouses in London. They can hold their own against powerhouses such as Goodmans and Hawksmoor (less choice though).

  2. Thanks for commenting. Given the choice, I'd take Hawksmoor over any of the Argentine places for a steak, though I'm glad I've got the choice!