Monday, 15 February 2010

Review of Maison Bertaux, Soho - Feb 2010

WhereMaison Bertaux, Soho With whom: Me, Vole and our Guest Lecturer How much?: £16... for 2 cups of tea, a coffee, two macaroons and a vanilla slice... seriously...

OK. It's not cheap, but this is one of the nicest little treats in Soho. A rickety three room coffee shop on Lower Greek St, just across the road from Soho House and next to the (sadly slipping into tourist hell) Coach & Horses. They used to take the left over cakes into the pub for the regulars at the end of the night, not sure if that still happens, but it's one of those nice 'old Soho' stories that people still bandy around...

Anyway, onto the cake. It's excellent. Homemade, always. And you can smell it... the place just exudes sugar, and fruit, and coffee or course... You chose from the window as you come in before taking a seat, new lines coming out of the kitchen in the back continually, with the baked goods left to cool on a rack next to the tiny staircase up to the (only) loo and the second floor. We took our 50's black leatherette seats and waited for our order. I'd never dream of ordering something as pedestrian as a macaroon somewhere like this, and the Vole and Guest Lecturer compounded their sins by ordering the same damn thing! 

Still, the macaroon I tried was perfect. warm from the oven, chewy centre with a crisp buttery crust, elements of almond and coconut combined perfectly. My fruit topped vanilla slice was an excellent choice (though I say so myself) with fresh black fruit sitting atop a textbook slice. Decent ingredients, proper coffee and tea (though the coffee wasn't outstanding it passed muster and my tea for one was hot, good and enough for 3) and good company. Everything you need for a rainy afternoon in Soho!

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  1. ah but the cheese cake never fails to disappoint. Cheese cake should never have a sponge base, it's one of the fundamental rules of baking.

  2. Agreed, I've always thought it was an unnecessary French twist...